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Authenticate with Earthdata Login

Authenticate with Earthdata Login

The first step to use NASA Earthdata is to create an account with Earthdata Login, please follow the instructions at NASA EDL

Once registered, earthaccess can use environment variables, a .netrc file or interactive input from a user to login with NASA EDL.

If a strategy is not especified, env vars will be used first, then netrc and finally user's input.

import earthaccess

auth = earthaccess.login()

If you have a .netrc file with your Earthdata Login credentials

auth = earthaccess.login(strategy="netrc")

If your Earthdata Login credentials are set as environment variables: EARTHDATA_USERNAME, EARTHDATA_PASSWORD

auth = earthaccess.login(strategy="environment")

If you wish to enter your Earthdata Login credentials when prompted with optional persistence to .netrc

auth = earthaccess.login(strategy="interactive", persist=True)